Sec. Software Dev.

Sec. Software Dev.

Our experts understand grass root software development. We develop software in many languages across many platforms: Some are geared toward mobile devices. We have experts in web application and services. We build many applications for businesses, enterprises and governments. All our software development follows a secure development. Some of our areas of expertise are shown below:

  • PC and Mobile end-point encryption software.

  • Security applications for the Cloud.

  • Web Development and application security.

  • Software Embedded technology.

  • Custom Software e.g Zigbee electric meter management.

  • Custom election application for mobile devices.

  • Custom software for agricultural management.

  • Custom software for Home security.

  • Software for Drone technology

Corporate America’s information explosion has also attracted no end of crooks looking to exploit it. Security consultants are hired data cops, brought in to find the weak spots in a company’s IT system and figure out the best way to defend it from attacks and theft.–

We are committed to serving you well by consulting you with highly experienced professionals. Mostly experts in their chosen domains. We are set up to assist you in designing, building and implementing various cutting-edge technologies in the infrastructure, application, encryption and many other security domains.

We have a wide range of knowledge across networks, databases and all the latest tools against viruses, Trojan horses and denial of service attacks. Our experts are hands-on.– Some of them are top ethical hackers themselves. Our software development crew follows one of the recommendation (SSE-CMM Catergories) of DHS in the USA.

Secure Software Development Life Cycle Processes