In today’s digital world the consumers are usually the targets and regulations are popping up to protect these consumers. However, a handsome percentage of businesses and enterprises do not understand the need for unrivaled and cost effective defense against threat actors and unethical hackers. Our experts understand the dynamics and the risks involved. The top ten vulnerabilities (OWASP) are in the core of our solution. We do understand how nefarious actors use these vulnerabilities to infiltrate you.


For a true multi-layered defense, FireEye recommends the following:
• A signature layer. This tier handles commodity malware and known patterns of attack. This layer frees up your advanced layers to focus on new and unknown threats.
• A layer with advanced threat detection technology. This layer might use virtual machine analysis and heuristic techniques to detect and sometimes automatically block attacks that signature-based tools miss.
• A layer with network forensics and advanced endpoint capabilities. Network forensics products should provide a “single pane of glass” to easily see activity from the perimeter, internal network streams, and endpoint activity. The idea isn’t to spawn more useless data, but to get an end-to-end narrative. Security teams should be able to
retrieve data from specific endpoints and get a live response to queries. They should have a full, bit-by-bit record of endpoint activity when needed. And they should be able to contain and fix problems wherever the endpoint is.
• An intelligence layer that provides information on specific attackers. This layer should reveal attackers’ motives, what they’re after, what tools they use, and how their attacks unfold. Armed with those details,
security teams can more closely monitor specific threat vectors. They can look for telltale markers and bolster defenses around the assets most at risk

Adaptive Defensive Tool
FireEye is one of the tools we recommend: It can detect, analyse, Resolve and Respond.

  • Identify and Blocks Attacks.
  • Contain and Secure.
  • Validate and investigate.

Our experts have vast experienced with many FireEye products:

Solution Architect: Planning, Designing and Deployment of many of these tools…

  • End-point Security HX
  • Network Security NX
  • Endpoint Security EX
  • File Content Security FX
  • Malware Analysis AX
  • Security Management CMS

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