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Bit9 / Carbonblack

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White Listing Tools

Our experts are highly trained to deploy and administer Bit9 + Carbon Black in your environment. We have a knowledge to design an enterprise white listing solution to cover your present and future business application. We will also establish a compliant and on-going solution to make sure that only approve data are used within the perimeter. More so, disjointed end-points will retain prevailing modes of high security when absent from the network.

Bit9 provides endpoint threat detection, response, and prevention solutions that monitor and record various activities on servers and endpoints to detect and stop cyber threats that evade traditional defenses. It offers Bit9 + Carbon Black Security Solution, an endpoint threat prevention, detection, and response solution for Windows, Mac, and Linux endpoints and servers; Carbon Black, an endpoint threat detection and response solution for SOC and IR teams; and Bit9 + Carbon Black Threat Intelligence Cloud that provides reputation information, threat indicators, and attack classification intelligence.

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