Backup and recovery

Backup and recovery


Between data breaches, hacks, viruses, and even natural disasters, businesses face a multitude of risks. When these threats strike, they can cause company downtime, stolen consumer data, loss of revenue, public relations nightmares, and financial repercussions — just to name a few.

Many organization are looking into the cloud for backup and recovery as an extension to Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning. All these add to the complexity of any infrastructure management. However, security seems to be in the fore front as many struggle with the privacy and control over the data they put in the cloud services. However our products removes the direct user interaction of physical storage and keys that facilitate encryption of Back-up in the enterprise. We realized that cloud services will dominate the greater part of the need for back-up in times to come.

Our approach is basically to enhance the third party product by licensing software to enable the use of third party cloud services geared towards storage back-up and recovery. We do know that the best of the encryption offered by most cloud back-up companies is roughly 448 bits at the most. This is not good enough considering the growth of our processing power. We believe that 2024 – 2560 bits will take us a long way with the presence of quantum computing.

Encryption options:

There are currently several options for performing backup encryption. Some offerings encrypt at the client. Software performs the data encryption on the client using one of variety of ciphers (encryption algorithms), transfers the data across the network, and stores it on tape in the encrypted format. For those with modest encryption needs, this option works well. However, it may not be efficient for larger organizations with more widespread needs. Other options, such as encryption appliances and tape drives that offer encryption, can be expensive and difficult to manage since they operate outside of the backup system.

  • Encrypted Backup to AWS EBS.
  • Custom Encrypted Backup for any container.
  • Bundled services with most Cloud products.

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