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Our Profile

We provide mobile security to end-users, businesses and / or enterprises via extensible cryptography. Our system uses numbers to perform the rigorous operation of encryption and decryption. It is quite suited for modern and future computing since its capacity is 8 times the state of the art (AES). It certainly saves time, storage and prop a lacking CPU. Some of the products are software as well as hardware. The software will be dominant in computers and particularly mobile devices because of their constrained nature. We are seeing the use of mobile devices in many organizations: They are traversing critical data points or servers. Mobile devices have limited RAM, Storage and CPU speed: Therefore an efficient system of encryption with less footprint is what we provide. The hardware aspect will be incorporated in firewalls or serve as firewalls. We will also provide custom tokens for VPN-SSL communication. These products will allow us to play vital roles in maintaining security regulations, policies, compliance and audit and IT governance. We are not concentrating on a domain of Cryptography alone. We also have products for IT information Risk management, Software development. security, access control. We also have plans for tools that could be used by SIRT and later for securing IoT. We have presented our most interesting product called LokDon. This is a cryptographic system that uses symmetric key cryptography. It is capable of securing any data by using 2048 bits of encryption.

What we offer

There has never been a time when humans needed privacy than now. We have a better way of performing encryption with a new base technology called skcjju256. This technology evolved over 15 years of development. After extensive research and development we are confident to share this with you. This technology is based on the movement of a knight on a chess board. We strictly mean the legal movement of a knight on a chess board of m * n dimension. Why did we decide to approach the problem from this angle? We noted that whenever two people are playing the game of chess one will ultimately emerge as the victor either by rendering the king immovable or by capturing more pieces, which means more points. So from these vantage point we can tell that we are on the right track at least. It wasn’t until 2010 which was exactly 10 years starting from 2000 when the idea was first conceived that I realized the strength in the movement of the knight. It is a well known fact that a knight can move continuously from a square (white or black) while touching all other squares on the chess board at least once absent back tracking and without landing on the original starting point. This functional practice is what they call open knight’ tour. I figured that if there is way to use this to hide components of written language then it is possible to hide information with the it. So this moment when successfully completed without any hiccups presents sets of numbers which forms families (same starting positions); yet different from each other by a very significant margin. The combination found in these families are quite infinite thus, they can serve as perfect master keys in the age we live in.

Finally, I solved the problem completely in 2013 by harnessing these numbers. I sought patent to the work in 2012. I also published my work on www.skcjju256.com while withholding other necessary and intellectual details from all prying eyes. In 2014 we launched two prototypes; skcjju256 for windows and LokDon ver 1.0 for Android. The whole idea is for you to get a feel of what we are doing and to see for yourself how it works. In the research, I noticed that the process in the AES algorithm is analogous to Rubik’ Cube. I also noticed that the scope constraint in AES makes it possible the use of S-Box. All these simply means that the mechanism is slower, data consuming and it is not easily implemented in hardware. We found out that the base technology extends AES both in complexity and compression. It has 8 times AES’ capacity and this simply means that we won’t have to worry about nothing when quantum computing arrives. Today, authorities in cryptography agree on all fronts that encryption is the best way to protect data integrity. The only question left now should be this one. Is it possible that we have found a way to extend AES which is the state of the art in block cipher cryptography? To answer that question let us show you the advantages of our base technology and you can conclude for yourself.

Note extending the maximum scope of AES will remove S-Box: Removing this matrix inverse multiplication function equally invalidates the stages of AES mechanism shown in #1 advantage.

The advantages of our base technology

  • Our cryptographic surface has a way of compressing data and making it smaller than AES algorithm. The IV, Roundkeys, Subbytes and Rounds (these are scope dependent) adds to the AES ciphertext and that is by far not the case with our system. Our system will redeem appro. 40% percent of every 100% encryption done by AES in unused storage space.
  • As you can see from line 1 it will increase the speed of SSL/TLS communication protocol used in VPN technology
    in many private and enterprise environment.
  • It will be used in conjunction with PGP to provide a circle of trusted users.
  • It will provide capability of non-constant master keys since the keys are infinite.
  • The algorithm is not agnostic to just application or programming. It can equally be used in any field requiring security. The millions and billions of combination and permutation is the power in our generated numbers therefore we find them useful in many fields and specific technologies. Smart card for secure ID in the military, high level personnel secure ID, Network communication, Video streaming, telecommunication (video streaming) and Mobile device (cellular phone voice encryption),etc.
  • It will provide absolute visibility for security incident response as an end-point to end-point tool.
  • It will remain formidable and durable in the face of quantum computing since it is 8 times better than the state of the art.
  • From line 5 you could be assured to use it anywhere from embedded to compressing encryption technology e.g DeciBit WIFI crypto and AWS will find it very useful.